Antena FPV MenaceRC AeroPOD SMA RHCP

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Producent: MenaceRC
Kod produktu: MRC-AEROPOD


Taking the proven design of the Menace Omni antennas we now have the ultimate antenna for FPV wings.

Standing only 10mm proud its low profile offers a shape that is in harmony with the aerodynamic forces, resulting in an antenna for your model with the absolute minimal drag.

The wing antenna is an idea that formed from a meeting of minds at Western Park Airshow UK, Menace adopted the concept from Painless360 and developed it into the ultimate aerodynamic antenna for FPV planes and wings…. The AeroPOD was born.

Mount it on the underside of your plane for an uninterrupted signal, but don’t worry if you land too hard the polycarbonate injected moulded case will protect the antenna.

The unique construction permits the use of extensions with SMA, MMCX and UFL options to connect to your favourite VTX.

No compromise in performance, just like the Menace range of omni antennas, the AeroPOD delivers a smooth radiation pattern with one of the most proven highest axial ratio designs all in an aerodynamic resilient polycarbonate case for protection.

Small 5.8Ghz aero dynamic design for fitment to FPV wings.
Underside wing mounting for uninterupted.
Excellent omni directional pattern.
Polycarbonate Low Profile Case
Unique PCB construction allows manufacturing within fine tolerances
Gain 1.22db with a radiation efficiency of over 92%
Clearer video reception with up to 20% greater signal received than other omni antenna topology with higher gain.
High Axial Ratio for reversed polarity rejection
Ideal for wings.
Centre frequency 5.8 GHz
Frequency Range: 5645 – 5945 MHz
Gain: 1.22dB with efficiency: 92%
Axial Ratio <1.3
Beam width: 360 degrees
Left or Right Hand Circular Polarised ( LHCP or RHCP)
SMA, MMCX & UFL Connector options

Dimensions Mounted to wing: L36mm x W28mm x H10mm

Dimensions Overall: H36mm x H28mm x H30mm (Allow 20mm in the wing body for the cable and connection.)

Weight: 6.3grams


Photographs courtesy from Painless360
License CC BY-SA 4.0 from Maarten Baert

Package Content:
1x AeroPOD 5.8Ghz Antenna & 15cm Extension with SMA connection

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